Dash makes any car a 'smart car', making the road safer and more affordable. All cars since 1996 have an open data port (use plug/play hardware to the OBD, car BUS / ECU), which provides 200+ data points in real time about the engine and car's performance. Mostly known to mechanics and hobbyists, we believe there's an enormous opportunity to leverage that vehicle sensor information, combine it with data from smartphone sensors, social profiles of drivers/passengers, as well as ambient information from the road (traffic, weather, playlists, retailers, elevation etc) and apply a consumer technology, mobile/web approach to the data. With 120m personal vehicles on the road and driving becoming ever more costly, DASH's solution helps the driver reduce running costs (gas, repairs, insurance), as well as improve their driving performance, and therefore their safety/peace of mind on the road. DASH's product is currently a mobile application and website, paired to the car via a $20 off the shelf piece of hardware. Our goal is to create custom hardware, using a 'lean hardware' manufacturing strategy.

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