Dash is an automatic starter's gun for track and field athletes, created by ex-international class sprinters. Featuring both manual and automatic mode, coaches and athletes alike can use this fun, stylish training tool to simulate a track umpire's start commands and starter's pistol.

No more starting block training on your own - Tap and Dash can provide you with a professional-quality start while you concentrate on improving your starting technique and shaving time off your reactions.

Features: ★ Simply, easy-to-use interface: Tap and Dash will guide you through an automatic start sequence ★ Use Manual Mode to simulate a starter's pistol - press the top of the button to fire the gun, press the bottom to fire the false start gun ★ Use Automatic Mode and the Dash track umpire will provide the athlete with start commands. ★ Automatic Mode randomises the time the athlete is held in the 'set position' - which is then displayed on screen ★ Cancel an automatic start at any time to hear the 'STAND UP' command from the Dash track umpire ★ Select the delay in between the 'ON YOUR MARKS' and 'SET' commands in Automatic Mode ★ Select the volume of the Dash starter umpire's commands and gun ★ Use Dash to train your reaction times ★ Displays information on current world records on screen in Manual Mode

Perfect for: ✔ Small sprint squads - everyone can practice starts together - let Dash do it all ✔ Training your reaction time - Dash fires the starter's gun at randomised delay periods following the 'SET' command ✔ Coaches - let Dash start your athletes, so that you can analyse the start from any vantage point ✔ Saving money on expensive starter's pistols, caps and accessories ✔ Simulating race conditions - every hold in the set position is different ✔ Training alone - place Dash next to your starting blocks and practice starts on your own ✔ Connecting to external speakers - plug-in directly or use Airplay to connect Dash to external speakers for added realism ✔ Fun games with your training partners - who has the best reaction?

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