We often come across news and situations where we find people struggling like in a road accident or community gatherings during these pandemic times or someone else who needs help urgently but due to some reason, we ourselves can’t help them. From here we got the idea of developing something which people can use to help others when they can’t.

What it does

Just by installing our app, people would be able to capture the photo of the scene and upload it on our platform where other people as well as certain emergency facility providers would be available. Anyone within the range of approx. 10 km would be notified of that incident happening and the required help can reach them well in time. Also, to make it a dependable app, we have applied certain machine learning algorithm which upon upload of photo and selection of category would verify whether the selected category for that photo is legitimate or not and then only would it be posted. Also, the users would be given an option of hiding their identity while posting photo, as many times people are afraid of reporting certain situation or crimes.

How we built it

In Our team there are four member:

Kartikeya Sharma Kartikeya 's Linkdein Kartikeya's Github

Harsh Tyagi harsh's Linkedin harsh's Github

Alankar Saxena Alankar's Linkdein Alankar's Github

Harsh Agrawal Harsh's Linkdein Harsh's Github

Challenges we ran into

we face some major challenges like realtime location detection,realtime push notification in application,image detection in machine Learning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we accomplished all challenges faced during hackathon.

What we learned

  1. Team Work
  2. Gained confidence 3.Learned How to hack different API's 4.Internal engagement 5.Identification tech talent 6.Engaging with developer community.

What's next for DasAvatar

we can improve by adding more category for detection and add more feature like human raise.

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