We were inspired by nature's process of evolution by natural selection and its ability to create very adaptably individuals

What it does

It creates generations and individuals, of models of almost anything (it can be a glider plane or a Tertiary structure of a protein), each generation better than the other

How we built it

We take a JSON object with information such as the variables of the model and how to measure success. Then we run these variables through a genetic algorithm that changes each variable by a percentage, mutating the object. We then pick the best mutation and run the mutator again.

Challenges we ran into

Generate the code at real time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created better gliders than we had foreseen

What we learned

How to build angular 2 applications with firebase

What's next for Darwin Designs

Create other apis of genetic algorithms and machine learning, and combine both to create powerful AI apis.

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