• I love building stuff which builds other stuff lately. I've seen other community folks from flutter community, building tools for the Dart & Flutter. So this tool is built for community by community.

What it does

  • It helps in easily sharing Dartpad snippets without any hassles.

  • Dartpad Generator can be accessed via Mobile app, CommandLine App or VSCode Extension.

  • Underneath the hood, it makes a POST HTTP call to gist API to generate sharable DartPad link and does the heavy lifting for you.

  • Built for Developers by Developers

How I built it

  • We brainstorm for an hour to figure out what to build. We were pretty much sure about going with 'Developer Tools' track.

  • We found a problem in the existing solution and proposed 3 different solutions for the problem. (CLI, Mobile, VSCode)

Challenges I ran into

  • Making POST API call to gist API took a lot of our time.

  • Building VSCode extension was a bit challenging since I don't know typescript. But it's a great language & felt familiar, cause I know dart lang.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Learned TypeScript for the first time to build VSCode extension.

  • Things went according to the plan and we were able to build all the tools in given timeline.

What I learned

  • Learned TypeScript for the first time to build VSCode extension.

  • Effectively dividing the task among teammates.

What's next for DartPad Generator

  • Using Machine Learning to extract code from images.

  • Building Dekstop apps & Web app version.

  • Adding on-demand in-app compiler for Dart & Flutter.

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