Dartmouth College has tried to get students to attend house-organised events and engage with the Dartmouth community. Dartpoints gives students an incentive to attend various events in exchange for points. These points are redeemable for cool prizes with Dartmouth College partners. Moreover, houses earn a point for every point one of their students claim. This creates a friendly competitive environment between houses. At the end of each academic year, the house with the most points will receive special recognition and cool prizes!

What it does

Dartpoints is a very simple website that only Dartmouth College students can register to (using their email address). The website itself features a selection of events that students can attend and earn points for doing so. During the event, organisers can distribute one-time use codes generated by our website to attendees. These will then be used by students to claim points for themselves and their houses.

How we built it

We used the Laravel PHP framework to handle all of the backend stuff (like handling the database using ORM and using it's scaffolding authentication). We used Bootstrap to assist us with the frontend design!.

Challenges we ran into

Our teammate left us midway. Moreover, this was Evelina's first ever hackathon so there was a bit of a learning curve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a fairly complete solution with a very presentable frontend with most features having been implemented. We are also confident that such a reward system can really incentivise students to engage more in their community (a problem which has existed for quite some time).

What we learned

This was Evelina's first time doing web development from scratch. She now knows quite a few of the key aspects of full-stack development (migrating, using ORMs, the ideas behind MVC, designing websites using bootstrap, knowing how to properly read framework documentation).

What's next for Dartmouth Points

Hopefully, this can be implemented by the College. We'd need someone to find partners that would be willing to offer their services in exchange for dartpoints (such as local restaurants and other local businesses).

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