There are endless ideas for how to bring down a drone How do you detect something that is too small for radar?

What it does

Distributed sensor network Lightweight and inexpensive Multiple Modalities Highly portable - carried by drones

How I built it

RF radios, UAS hardware and software

Challenges I ran into

Hardware and software integration challenges, wifi scanning and connecting, Machine learning methods

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

RF triangulation UAS simulation Image detector

What I learned

How to cooperate across a small team with people from different backgrounds. Learned common range of drone MAC addresses Learned various techniques for networking with Raspberry Pi (settled on SSH/Ansible) Developed software for drone navigation and simulation Learning techniques for computer vision

What's next for Darth Maulware

Continue to provide innovation for the soldier

Built With

  • mesh-network
  • sdr
  • single-board-computer
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