We all came into the Hackathon hoping to create a multi-user Magic Leap application. We see multi-person AR as the perfect use of 5G and a solution to technology-induced isolation. We hope SabAR Battle and other multi-user AR applications will bridge exciting tech and interpersonal engagement and leverage the powerful cross-device communication that 5G will foster in the coming years.

What it does:

SabAR Battle allows two or more users with Magic Leap headsets to battle one another in a shared AR space. It is a fun game that leverages the exciting new frontier of multi-user AR.

How we built it:

We build SabAR Battle using Unity Engine. We implemented the multi-user element with Photon and built the assets in AR using Spatiate.

Challenges we ran into:

Some major challenges we ran into came from implementing multi-user interactivity in a shared space. None of us had any prior experience with Photon so there was a large learning curve. Likewise, making the assets spatially consistent across devices took a great deal of debugging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We could not be more excited to have successfully created a multi-user Magic Leap application. Multi-user AR is cutting-edge and pulling it off was the primary goal of our team.

What we learned:

We learned so much. Many of our group members had never used Unity and the members who had had never used Photon. Creating Magic Leap applications is challenging; however, we now know how to create MULTI-USER Magic Leap applications.

What's next for SabAR Battle:

SabAR Battle would love to continue developing its gamification component. We would love to add full body avatars with attached colliders in order to track hits and then add a score-keeping system. We believe a more polished version of this application will be a hit on Magic Leap World. We are excited for 5G being added to Magic Leap because it will allow multi-user applications like ours to run smoothly anywhere. We are also going to share our framework for creating multi-user AR applications with other developers on Github.

Our Team

Our team is a tight-knit group of individuals wearing a variety of hats. Our roles include Developers, Creative Directors, Designers, Project Managers, and Policy & Accounting specialists. We seek to push the boundaries of AR with technological innovation in Gaming, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Solutions using the Magic Leap One Headset. Our team had an amazing time working together & turning the dream of easy-to-implement multi-user AR into reality.

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