The main problem in school is students sometimes don't want to learn. They want to have fun and play games, and teachers usually frown upon. But you can combine games with learning and have students want to learn. So I created a game that helps students learn math while playing darts.

What it does

Dartboard is a relatively simple game. You pick numbers and throw darts to reach a high score. If you try to throw a higher number, the chances are lower, and occasionally you might hit a double. There are difficulties of problems to solve, and will get harder and harder.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges were tweaking the random numbers. I had to make a lot of variables to make sure the game was fair and not easy. Every game will probably be different.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Probably the random number generator. It gives an accurate and realistic simulation.

What we learned

We learned that being a game developer is not easy! You have to test for bugs, and new features that people want, and maintain the quality that makes your game stand out!

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