We got our inspiration from the past when we used to play more videogames instead of attending hackathons...

What it does

It's a game changer. It allows people and gaming enthusiasts from around the world to tip their favorite players, and maybe in the future even bet on them as they compete in the electronic sports.

How we built it

We started out by making a detailed plan of what we were going to build, by using some of the project management techniques. Then we split the tasks according to our skills, and began working.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the Logitech SDK for the second screen experience, but after some coding and pizza we managed to solve all of our troubles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of accomplishing all of the goals we set ourselves to do.

What we learned

After some mentoring from the SwissCom staff we understood how to ship our applications faster to the cloud. We learned that programming a keyboard is cool. Really cool. It is awesome, even at 3:00 am.

What's next for DarT:p (team: MACLogic)

Implement machine learning and computer vision so the player gets an objective feedback about his gaming performance, emotions during a game (implemented with CV), and tips for improving.

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