Our team is composed of hardcore horse racing enthusiasts, skilled mobile game and blockchain developers, and game and movie graphic designers (ex-Racingland, Tencent, Alibaba, Mastercard, Capcom, and Bandai Namco). For many years, we have always wanted to build a horse racing game that solves the major problem of all the Horse Racing Video games out there: monetization. After years of exploration and research, we think now is the best time to build one, as the technology has grown more mature (Blockchain, NFT, and Solana) and because of public adoption (Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFT).

What it does

DarleyGo is the world's first mythical-based NFT horse racing game that's built on Solana, which allows players to purchase, race, collect and breed NFT horses. With the implementation of NFT, players can trade their in-game assets such as horses, and other in-game collections over any public NFT marketplace.

How we built it

Front end

yarn install
yarn build
yarn start

Solana Program

cargo build-bpf --manifest-path=./Cargo.toml --bpf-out-dir=dist

Challenges we ran into

This time, the most significant challenge was that we only had two weeks to build everything after joining the Hackathon. Since our project just started when we joined the Hackathon, we basically had to build everything from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

From all game graphics and style, frontend, to the backend, we've built everything in two weeks. We are really proud of what we've accomplished within the given time.

What we learned

Two main things we've learned and deepened our knowledge during this Hackathon:

1, Writing Solana Smart Contacts 2, Creating NFT and saving data on the Solana network

What's next for DarleyGo

We are just getting started. We have many ideas and plans (such as…adding more in-game NFT assets such as jockey, equipment, and many more in-game items, and integrating our game horses with the real world horses for racing with the AR/VR technology) for developing the game further, and are very confident that we are capable to build and implement our ideas and plans. However, to make the game a smash hit and a true Metaverse, we believe we need to connect with more parts within the Solana ecosystem to create synergy (Such as Dex, NFT Marketplace, games collaboration, and more...) for reaching our ultimate goal!

Our vision is to bring DarleyGo not only to crypto gamers but also to traditional gamers and horse racing fans, introducing more non-crypto people to the Blockchain world.

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