After the arrest of the founder of WikiLeak's, Julian Assange, we decided to work on project that focused on primarily on user privacy.

What it does

One of the main features in DarkMail is its instant email deletion, once an email is sent from the DarkMail system and the intended receiver has opened the email, the database will delete the email that was sent. Our email system is similar to that of Yahoo or Gmail, the user connects to the DarkMail website, logs in with their account or registers/creates an new DarkMail account. From there, the users will have the be options of Composing an Email, checking their inbox, and logging out.

How we built it

Using the PHP framework, laravel, and mySql server, we were able to create a database that allowed user authentication to the DarkMail webmail page. Additionally, we used PHP,HTML and CSS to create the different web pages and the DarkMail inbox configuration from scratch.

Challenges I ran into

Although more secure, the laravel framework is quite different from other PHP frameworks in the sense that simple commands that can be done by other frameworks work differently for the laravel framework. PHP bugs and dependency issues

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Designing a website, understanding for the laravel framework runs, being able to see different vulnerabilities from the perspective of an email service

What I learned

The interrelationships between PHP, CSS and HTML, the laravel framework, mySql database

What's next for DarkMail

Setting a domain and host for the DarkMail website LTS and HTTPS encryption Connecting DarkMail to an SMTP server so that it may communicate with other email providers.

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