Noir detective and crime stories. The single player ARG "Majestic". Cyberpunk fiction. Crime scene photographers. Old school text adventure games.

The Setting

You've logged into someone else's VR. They think you are the grid database systems debugger whose disappearance you’re here to investigate. Your job is to find out what’s gone wrong with the programs on the grid and what happened to the original systems debugger.

You have a recording from the original system debugger who gives you a few clues as to what he was doing and where he was last.

You have two jobs on the grid, to debug the system and to find the debugger.

On the grid each application bots have jobs, but they are more than their jobs. They have homes, friends, associates, and enemies. The grid starts out safe, but as you venture deeper into the dark parts of the grid there are missing, murdered, and stolen bots and data.

Clues and evidence are all around when you know how and where to look. The most important thing to do is question your witnesses and suspects. Its VR, so just like IRL you question them and have conversations. There is nothing hard scripted, there is only a limit to their intelligence and what they know.

There is no one to tell you what to do, no multiple choice clue. You have to figure out the mystery yourself and hopefully make the right call.

Game Play

The game primarily consists of investigating scenes, scanning objects, collecting evidence and interrogating suspects in typical detective fashion.

Modes of interaction include movement via teleportation, take pictures of scenes/objects, voice commands and bot dialog via speech to text. The bots use AIML based chat AI’s and text to speech to respond to the player dynamically (no dialog trees or multiple choices), while the voice commands use verb and noun recognition in ways similar to old text adventure games, but with the thematic element of a noir detective internally monologuing to himself.

Progression through the game is nonlinear and uses the freeform voice command/dialog system to allow players to progress based off their own knowledge rather than software locks.

How I built it

Using Google's Speech to Text and Text to Speech API's built into Android along with an open source AIML based chat bot system and the Google Cardboard Unity SDK.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Dark Web

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