We were inspired by a funny machine. When you flip its switch on, it immediately turns the switch back off. Basically, a machine that accomplishes nothing yet is entertaining nonetheless.

What it does

No Dark Mode is a website that does not enable you to switch to dark mode. Oh, and did I mention it would hurl silly insults at you if you irritate it too much?

How we built it

With the help of React.js hooks and HTML and CSS animation, we were able to render the portal, orbs, and the switch.

Challenges we ran into

CSS animation can be challenging. Also styling sometimes with pure HTML and CSS takes a while.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making the silliest website ever !

What we learned

We learned how to add async function in useEffect hook for React and how to do keyframe animations in CSS

What's next for No Dark Mode

We will be adding more to the website and different ways that the website will stop users from switching to dark mode.

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