Besides the theme, the inspiration was influenced namely by our desire to create a destructive environment. We wanted to create quite a cheesy game show atmosphere and thought it would also make an interesting location for a VR experience.

What it does

In the game, you find yourself having just won a game show. However, disappointed by your measly prize, you now have the power to destroy your environment. The game is also created for the HTC Vive meaning you can destroy your environment as immersively and passionately as possible.

How we built it

We built the game using Unity 5. The sound effects were created via the Jamchester audio clinic and the music was originally composed in Cubase 8 and post-production was also done via Cubase. Modelling and texturing took place in 3DS Max and Photoshop and integration was done via Unity.

Challenges we ran into

We ran in to a lot of technical challenges with this project, our primary one being that our main desktop refused to switch on. One of our team members spent the first part of the jam trying to find a solution but to no avail so as well as restricting our capability of the project running smoothly, it also restricted our timeline as we had lost time trying to fix the problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how we worked together as a team despite the stresses created from technical issues. We overcame our challenges and still managed to create something despite the odds. I personally am pleased with the music and everyone seems to be happy with how it fits the atmosphere of the game. Additionally, I have personally undergone a steep learning curve this weekend and that is one of the main reasons I love participating in game jams.

What we learned

We have learned various individual methods and also personal planning for ensuring the most efficient workflow possible. We experienced the challenges of working with new team members that we had not worked with before and finding a way to work together in a way that benefited the fluidity of our working process. Given the challenges we have faced, we have probably learned more than we would have had it simply gone smoothly and therefore are probably more grateful for that development despite the stresses it has caused.

What's next for Dark Field Games

Dark Field Games is hoping to continue developing games and attend future game jams. Our submission for this jam may seize or continue development, it is yet to be decided, however, we feel we have a good skill set overall and could be capable of creating some interesting work in the future.

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