We are cryptoenthusiasts and we believe:

  1. the world should strive for trustless;
  2. interoperability is the key for blockchain mass adoption;
  3. privacy is the right for everyone. Blockchains has a number of solutions that cover some of these features separately (Polkadot, ZCash, Uniswap) but it’s not enough for us. We are intended to blend it all together to cook the tastiest cocktail ever!


  • subdex-xc-network: inspired by cumulus setup
  • subdex-chain: inspired by Uniswap liquidity protocol
  • subdex-ui: inspired by Uniswap but we added some our flavour

What it does

SubDex is the decentralized cross-chain exchange based on automated liquidity protocol. subdex-xc-network facilitates the environment for subdex-chain to be used in a parachain setting with other parachain and relay chain interactions

How we built it

It’s a team effort. Our team have diversified skill sets. Belsy has quite deep knowledge in Polkadot ecosystem and its latest developments. Arsen is very experienced in Rust programming and Substrate development. Stasi always come up with creative ideas and designs. Fei is fluent in frontend development. Last but not the least, Herry has very good UI skills.


  • subdex-xc-network: utilising scripts to help teammates setup environment easily
  • subdex-chain: built on top of substatrate-node-template
  • subdex-ui: built on top of substrate-frontend-template

Challenges we ran into

  1. Substrate is so fast developing. The code base changes daily and sometimes dramatically. We have to follow it closely to get the latest features.
  2. Sometimes it's a bit hard to find a meeting time that everyone is available since we are quite decentralised team - we are in 4 different time zones, two based in Ukraine, one in Vietnam, one in Australia and the other one in China.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

  1. We get the project done in time and with the quality we are quite happy with.
  2. We implemented a portion of XCMP
  3. Developers now have simple tool (subdex-xc-network) to set up a parachain with a registry container to automatically register development parachains.
  4. We wish you like the UI designed by Stasi and implemented by Fei and Herry

What I learned

  1. A motivated team with diversified skillset is very productive.
  2. Define the pallet interfaces earlier rather than later.
  3. Always use the correct chain spec;
  4. What to do during compiling :)

What’s next for SubDEX

  1. We will add the privacy feature as the next step. We have researched on zerochain’s privacy solution and ring signature. We will do deeper research to find out which way is the most suitable solution for the DEX.
  2. We will add economic incentive for SubDEX node runners. We will build a feature for node runners to get a portion of the trading fee, given liquidity provider already has incentive to contribute to the ecosystem by sharing trading fees.
  3. We will build better and richer user experience based on the community's feedback.
  4. We will try to build our testnet.
  5. We also looking to connect to the Rococo testnet
  6. We will try to launch our chain with nodes run by the community so that the community can use it.

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