The idea of shadow puppets or sock puppets inspired us to use Magic Leap hand controls to puppeteer a character around the world.

What it does

Using hand recognition and eye tracking, the player controls a dragon that rampages around the countryside to burn villagers, sheep, and thatch-roof cottages.

How we built it

Using the Magic Leap, we tried each mechanic separately, then merged and it all fell apart.

Challenges we ran into

Many intermittent issues with the Magic Leap and it's simulator. General issues with understanding what we were trying to recognize with Magic Leap (Hands, Gestures, Planes, Eye tracking).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The silliness of destroying things goes with the art really well...when it works.

What we learned

There needs to be something better than the current source control for hackathons. :)

What's next for dARgon thAR destroyAR

Eventually he will get attacked from higher planes, and use a different gesture to fly and take out fortresses.

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