Television shows often have laugh tracks or similar sound effects to guide a viewer's reactions. DaReactTV allows people to have a more visually stimulating television experience. Humans are sympathetic by nature, especially at moments of high emotion, and such images will allow people to enjoy their viewing experience further while bonding with other viewers. We were in part inspired by YouTube react videos and other forms of social media such as Twitter and Snapchat, as we realized that seeing other people's reactions to something is in itself amusing and can draw more attention to the subject matter.

What it does

DaReactTV allows people to submit their reactions to certain dramatic points in a television show or movie as they watch it, and will place them back at those points in future runs of the show/movie. The images will fade in and out and be placed on the borders of the screen to minimize distraction from the show/movie itself. These reactions will function similar to crowd scenes at sports events, by making the subject matter more interesting and the audience more engaged, and giving people who have seen a show before a whole new viewing experience the next time they see the show again.

How we built it

We connected a webcam with Intel Edison, and use it to take pictures of viewers at preset times. These images are uploaded into our database and later queried and shown on-screen at the same times.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the webcam, circumventing limitations in knowledge/technology

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We met (and mentored in Tim's case) a lot of people, and learned a lot of new things. We transcended many platforms, including hardware, databases, and television.

What we learned

Dora learned how to do database stuff and some basic JavaScript. Jared and Timotius learned about how to program with a Directv set-top box and more problem-solving skills.

What's next for DaReactTV

We would like to include a way of screening the images for appropriateness, and perhaps include a text-based medium as well, such as a live chat or live tweeting capability. We want to introduce user accounts and a social networking capability where you can add people into your group and see reactions specifically from members of the group.

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