Being familiar to the issues the immigrant community as a whole faces, having all come from immigrant backgrounds, we thought it would useful to develop an app that the undocumented immigrant community specifically faces. This included limited resources for everything from educational and healthcare information, to legal services and an overall regard to safety and protection of rights.

What it does

This app is targeted towards the DREAMer/undocumented immigrant community. In order to provide such immigrants with better accesses to information about these topics and various resources through numerous organization, we provided them an easy way to keep track of such resources and all be accessible through a mobile phone. We also included a "panic button," which, if pressed by the user in the occassion they come into contact with I.C.E., will notify their emergency contact(s) through an automated text that they are being detained.

How we built it

We built the app using Xcode in Swift and using Firebase to verify log-in information.

Challenges we ran into

For the "panic button feature," we had trouble integrating the backend to the front end, having to learn how to use Twilio and using the SMS feature for different phone numbers. We also ended up having issues implementing an AWS api so we switched to Google's Firebase instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have the whole app built with the proper functions and links working as desired, along with actually being able to send a panic message to the user's desired receiver (automated) in a time of need with the simple push of the button.

What we learned

We all officially learned how to use Swift/Xcode, which we were all generally unfamiliar with, and how to tie the front to back end for the purposes of an app.

What's next for Dare to Dream App

In the future, we would add more features, such as an "Ask a Lawyer" feature where users can ask quick questions and be helped right away with their concerns from professionals, as well as constantly upload up-to-date resources.

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