Inspiration comes from past social media challenges. Challenges such as the ice bucket challenge or the cinnamon challenge.

What it does

Dare for dough is a social media app where people can post dares for the community to do. When a dare is created the creator can offer up an amount of money for people to compete for. From there users will post videos of themselves doing these dares and whoever gets the most likes at the end of a specified time frame wins the money.

How I built it

Dare for dough was build using ionic 4 and firebase as the database. By utilizing ionic 4 one code base can be used to deploy to any device native. This means time is saved having to develop multiple apps on different code bases and an overall better product can be made.

Challenges I ran into

One big challenge was lack of UI expertise. I have difficulties visualizing how I would like the app to look. Beyond that other difficulties included getting the program to run on my android phone. I believe the main issue had to do with the schools firewall blocking requests.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud I was able to make a basic functioning application that taps into some native phone features. One feature for example is the phones camera to record video. That video is then uploaded to firebase fro viewing.

What I learned

I learned a lot more about tapping into native phone components like the phones camera. This is experience I know I can continue to use forward in my career.

What's next for Dare for Dough

In the future Dare for Dough can be expanded to tie directly into charities so that challenges can be made for a good cause. People will be able to make a fool of themselves while raising money for much needed causes.

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