The Problem:

The covid-19 pandemic is wreaking medical and financial devastation. There are many who need help and don’t know where to find it.

Between schools closing and social distancing, foodbanks are facing more challenges with providing help than usual. People are offering help – but it’s hard to get the word out, especially when their time is spent securing limited resources.

Our Solution:

Darcie solves this problem by consolidation the wealth of information of services, namely food, taking the burden off the food providers. Darcie’s sleek front-end is an intuitive tool for unlocking tens of thousands of live data sources which actively provide up to date information on various local services.


We’re not in this alone. Our team is partnering with several non-for-profits in the shared goal of maintaining up to date shared databases for resources. As an example, No Kid Hungry uses data we provide for their national text-support operation.

See it in Action:

Call Darcie (toll-free 1-844-839-4334) at any time to find services near you. Alternatively, find help with our interactive resource map.

Next Steps:

Our team is developing compatibility for our resources to be accessed by Google Assistant. We're also focused on scaling our data for more service options, locations in the US, and around the globe (we are almost ready to launch in India!).

Read more and watch a live stream of the conversations at

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