Meet people. Share Daps.

Version 1.0

Daps let you meet your friends without sweating about picking a convenient place. Anyone can initiate a Dap and invite friends via just a phone number. We will text them a short url which will bring them to a mobile-web app confirmation page that will tell our server the current location of that invitee. The backend will then calculate the perfect hangout spot given the attendees and shoot everyone a text message with the new venue.

Future version will use Google Directions API to return how to get to the venue too!


Daps uses a number of platforms to run smoothly:

  • [Trip Advisor] - We internally calculate the centroid of all the participants in the dap and look up attractions that match each member's criteria.
  • [Twilio] - Awesome text messaging API -[Bit.ly API] - Shortening our long encoded link to our backend -[Node.js] - Evented IO for the backend
  • [Meteor.js] - Build apps that use Node.js client-side and server-side
  • [jQuery] - Ovious things are obvious
  • [Google Geocoding] - Reverse-geocode a bunch of lat/lon's


  • [Node.js] - Tested with version v0.10.29
  • [Meteor.js] - Tested with v0.9.4
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