To create a safe net in the DAppNode

What it does

The basic functionality of DAppWall is to create access lists that will be available in swarm. Other nodes from DAppNode (or even other projects) will be able to use those lists in order to allow or drop connections.

DAppWall will follow a system of social acceptance based on an Aragon Cooperative, where each member of the community will vote to decide which nodes will go in the black list and which one will be whitelisted. With the resulting lists DAppWall will create its firewall rules. In an extreme use case a consortium would be able to block all nodes but their own ones, giving this way a high level of security to its infrastructure.

How we built it

The objective is to build it with React for the frontend. For the backend we will use iptables, a smart contract and Swarm. We will also bundle our DApp to be able to work with DAppNode, and there will be an uPort ID to sign and Aragon DAO to vote.

Challenges we ran into

Connect to Metamask, interact with the smart contract, trying to learn React within a day... More or less everything in this project has put up a technical challenge for us. Partially due to the complexity of the rules we are trying to set up. Also because none of us had worked with these technologies before. Aragon and uPort will get connected to our app in the future to complete its governance.


We got a lot done taking into account our previous knowledge and the fact that our group got spontaneously formed and none of us had the idea for DAppWall prior to arriving to the hackathon. For instance, we got to connect Metamask to our app and also got the app up on the DAppNode list.

What we learned

We learned about Web3, DAppNode, Uport, Aragon and all its processes. Also about sending packages to the DAppNode.

What's next for DAppWall

We plan to polish as much as possible this idea to bring it to life with the best structure we can imagine.

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