Dapppr is a custom online marketplace, built to enable designers to sell their dribbble designs on printed goods. With Dapppr, designers can earn extra cash while making people more fashionable and life more fun.

We leveraged the power of the shirts.io API, in an effort to create a sustainable business. Beyond just crafting a single shop or marketplace for ourselves, we wanted to reach a vast marketplace, and one that has some amazing supply for printed goods. After a few brainstorming sessions, the amazing team at Dapppr had an "Ah Ha!" moment. — Dribbble!

Dribbble is an online show & tell for literally thousands of designers. (https://dribbble.com/) We appropriated Dribbble's API and a dribble user can simply submit their username into our form field and we bring in their work displayed on shirts.io products. For no fee, a dribble designer can create a store and begin selling their designs on printed merchandise - we take a small cut to keep things going! Everyone, Shirts.io, Dribbble Designers & Us are all Happy!

~There have been over 2million dribble shots. If each shot was printed on a $15.00 shirt, that's a 30million dollar business.

Let's do this!

Best, ~The team at Dapppr

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