I was inspired by listening to the beginning remarks with my newborn daughter in my arms, wishing she was of school/ daycare age so that I could focus on the speaker. LOL It made me think what would make me feel safe to send her to school, what information I would find helpful and what would maximize efficiency as a previous educator and parent.

Tracking student data could give us so much insight on a community at a micro level because we can get insight into each household, siblings, etc.

What we do

We are a simple and safe solution to sharing student health documents between parents and school districts.

The aggregated data from the shared information can be used to prevent infectious outbreaks in schools, provide targeted wellness support to specific communities, allows parents to track child’s individual health/sickness history, identify medications being taken, health issues and more in a specific area/zip code/school area and to help better support children’s health needs.

How We Built it

Using Powerpoint


Having my newborn rock it out with me and fleshing out my idea



What I learned

There is a lot of insight this data can provide down to which medications are used most in each zipcode for kids and how effective they are (i.e. by how often kids are going to the doctor with a specific disorder/infection) and more!

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