My name is Juliet Oberding. I'm the maker of Dappity! I am a lawyer turned startup founder. I’ve been in tech for a long time, and launched a number of products, mostly on the business and community side of things. I founded the San Diego Chapter of Pyladies in 2011. I’ve been dabbling in coding ever since. This is my first substantial project that I designed, programmed and released into the wild, with support and guidance from my teacher, mentor and partner, Terje Norderhaug.

About Dappity

Dappity is a launchpad for the online tools you use throughout the day. It recalls the Blockstack apps you have used in the past, while also introducing you to new ones.

Dappity - Don't lose track of the dapps you have used. | Product Hunt Embed

I drew my inspiration for Dappity from social and community apps like Pinterest and AirBnB. I wanted my app to bring newcomers to the Blockstack community with a fun, friendly vibe. Dappity should be delightful, simple and intuitive. It should also save time and be valuable to the user. At the same time, it is privacy by design, made to respect the digital rights of the users.

Our lives are busy and complex. No one needs apps that require tons of documentation and videos to figure out basic features. There just isn’t enough time in my day for a steep learning curve outside of work. Maybe you feel the same way. So I kept it simple.

Organizing your digital tools is essential - that's why very OS has someplace where you can find and organize your apps. Dappity is one of those apps that can have the highest impact on your life. Yet it's not another app store but a personalized place where you can curate your apps and return to again and again.

What it Does

The basic features are:

  • Automatically recalls the dapps you have used.
  • Suggests new dapps based on your current dapps
  • Let you curate your dapps in one place.

Delighting the Users

In working with users during development, one of the big ‘aha’ moments is when they see the blockstack apps that they have used before automatically appear in their list of dapps. That’s when the lights go on and they realize how useful Dappity can be for them.

User comments we regularly hear: “This is incredibly valuable”


Privacy is our top priority. We do not collect emails in app. We avoid dark design patterns. We do help users to share their favorite dapps.


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Dappity - Don't lose track of the dapps you have used. | Product Hunt Embed

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