Quora, Mindsumo, StackOverflow

What it does

Creates a streamlined interface where users can ask questions of the community by staking a reward for the answer.

How we built it

SteemJS integration into the public dsteem api.

More Information

mindDapp has the ability to disrupt the ed-tech space by making it easy for users to get high quality answers, creating an ever-expanding, open-source knowledge base and by growing and retaining a massive user base through incentivizing user engagement.

In 2017, the ed-tech space was worth approximately $150 billion. The ed-tech space is estimated to reach $250 billion by 2020.

Quora, one of the leaders in the space, is currently getting over 100 million unique users per month.

Currently, there are no open-source knowledge transfer platforms that incentivize user engagement through monetization. MindDapp will be the first!

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