From the documents we received from UNICEF, we found out that the problem of persistent poverty is from the lack of opportunity to learn life skills. So we create a DApp Donation System which can help children in needed.

What it does

In this world there're people who willing to donate their money for the sake of other people. And then we have children who want to learn but they can't afford the courses. Our DApp will link both group of people together via blockchain smart contract. The children can raise the fund they need, while the people with generosity can donate their money and get discount coupon and tax deduction in return.

How we built it

We build this DApp using the tools from above. With Angular and go ethereum as the core. Using Embark for doing smart contract and MESG for email notification.

Challenges we ran into

Some technical problems such as version and library conflict, changing from serverless to server-side.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can apply the blockchain with our web.

What we learned

A lot of technical technique such as ways to use Embark, MESG and how to apply blockchain in DApp.

What's next for dApp Donation System

E-commerce, or really make this project into real, working dApp.

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