Our story!

With massive data across the internet, searching for what is most relevant to you is becoming a prime concern by the day. With recent advancements in technology, it has been made possible to index and then search within documents on cloud to find the data which is most relevant to your search query. And we thought of an idea to extend the same for videos. But with videos, the scope is much wider as the user engagement is very high. That's when we realised that we can use this search capability and extend it to target advertisements based on the videos user is currently watching

Target users!

Our target users are cloud based video sharing/storage applications like youtube, news channels, online tutorials etc.

Most astounding feature

The ability to search within a video itself is a great feature in itself. The applications of text extracted out of the videos is enormous. We can use that to auto tag the videos, do a sentiment analysis, target ads according to user viewing patterns etc.

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