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The source of inspiration came from few personal experiences. They were all negative experiences related to networking that could've been more pleasant had I been more resources and prepared for the unexpected scenarios. These scenarios can happen/might have already happened to some of you guys. A typical example could be the desire to approach a company recruiter during a career fair for that technical position that they have just opened. But what happens when you don't know anything about the company? Most of the times, individuals will either approach the recruiter and show interest or walk away. However, wouldn't it be much better if you instantly get all the statistics and core values about the company and THEN go up to them, showing you interest?

What it does

The primary focus behind DapItUp is to enable the ability of quickly connect with someone that you just meet. Additionally, it resolves issues such as trying to remember someone's name after the initial conversation with the other person as well as keeping track of where you've met your contacts.

How we built it

The main technology used to backup the is using the hybrid framework of Ionic2 side by side with angular 2. Using Firebase as a real time database to store our data, the application becomes more responsive by nature when used by the end user. Another big technology that allowed this project to be plausible was implementing facial recognition through the Clairafa. The quick and simple people search allows us to focus on researching the employer instead of fumbling over useless internet

Challenges we ran into

There are a few bug issues that currently exists within the code base might not be implemented/fix during the duration of the company. Aside from that, there's nothing that's too much of an issue during our development. The are obviously times where we become stuck from going further into our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The ability to actually created a functional set of features combined with a great application idea that we came up with is definitely the biggest and proudest achievement for this hackathon. Since there's only 2 members on the team, it was harder to complete all the ideas that we had in mind for a large scale project (relative to hackathon completion). However, through careful planning and dedication, we have gotten further than we had anticipated.

What we learned

Every Hackathon that we've been to is a learning experience with some rewarding prize. For this hackathon, we have learned that teamwork and careful planning can play a big part when it comes to completing a goal.

What's next for DapItUp

Since DapItUp is already at a functional/complete state with lots of potential in growth, we plan on moving the application to the cloud(most likely with AWS) and integrate the components for full scale development (into the app store). Also, depending on the outcome of success, there could be a need to migrate the application from hybrid to use more a native language to reduce possible lag time and awkwardness for end users.

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