• Marketplaces like Opensea are not Completely trustless.
  • NFTs created using Opensea exists on Opensea StoreFront Contract which is closed source.
  • Setting up Snapshot, Discourse and DAO infrastructure is cumbersome.

What it does

  • DAOMe is a No-Code Creator Economy Platform.
  • DAOMe solves this problem all the NFTs created on the DAOMe Platform all 100% owned by the creator.
  • DAOMe solves all this problems by providing a No-Code solution and making Web3 more accessible to the masses.

How we built it

  • DAOMe is built using ReactJS Frontend and Celo Blockchain Smart Contracts as Backend. We used Hardhat as a testing and development environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • DAOMe is a truly trustless and permissionless marketplace. 100% ownership and no need of approaching any authority to get your NFTs listed.
  • Plan is to be also trustless token launcher and DAO Infrastructure.

What's next for DAOMe

  • DAOMe plans to let creators to do permissionless token launch.
  • DAOMe plans to let creators spin up their own token governed DAO's
  • DAOMe plans to let creators create Royalty based NFTs and Multi-Royalty (Collaboration b/w creators / brands) based NFTs.

Built With

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