Bauhaus => DAOHaus. What is DAOHaus? A social network for DAOs with built-in Moloch summoner tool (easy/hard modes).

What it does

In DAOHaus, you can discover and pledge to existing Moloch DAOs, as well as summon your own. After summoning a Moloch, others can Pledge to join your DAO. We think of DAOs as the primitive of future social networks, so wanted to make launching one as easy as 1,2,3. DAOHaus is the beginning of a DAO social network.

Summoners can choose to go through easy mode (normies) or hard mode (power users), where they can choose between wETH or DAI as their tribute currency, and configure their own Moloch DAO.

Others can then discover launched DAOs and pledge tribute to join the DAOs.

Integrated with 3box to start moving more towards social networking and scaled coordination between DAOs and their members.

How we built it

Simple stack of React, web3, 3box, serverless and Moloch DAO contracts. Our core team was able to handle the product, so we added a memelord (marketer) and master of ceremonies (shiller) to complete the team.

Challenges we ran into

Only time. ;)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got the first mainnet Moloch launched with 9 mins to spare.

What we learned

We can DAO this. Very excited about where we can take this with some focused product improvement.

What's next for DAOHaus

Pump the DAOHaus into a full-featured DAO social network, including one-click DAOs.

  • Moloch DAOs are simple and user-friendly, but are just one 'theme' of DAO frameworks. We'd like to explore DAOStack integrations as well as more configuration options for Summoners.
  • Complete one-click DAO functionality (default Moloch with DAI/wETH as tribute)
  • After Summoning a DAO, auto deploy a PokéMol frontend (
  • More 3box integrations for better social interactions
  • DAO chats, and DAO to DAO interactions
  • Much visual and ux improvements
  • With hundreds/thousands of Moloch DAOs deployed, there will be significant design-thinking required to make this ecosystem human-readable, and that problem is one of our main targets to solve.

Built With

  • 3box
  • ethereum
  • react
  • serverless
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