About Dao Bull

Dao Bull is a decentralised application, designed to allow its users to create their own DAO’s In just minuets. Create your own and start managing financials, shareholders, governance & much more.

This revolutionary new tool set will empower online communities to new heights, helping pave the way for an entirely new era & definition of online community.

Our process

  1. Discovery; Initial ideation, brainstorming & requirement gathering.
  2. Definition; Design studios, wire framing, testing & iterating.
  3. Development; High fidelity prototypes & development.
  4. Delivery; Pitch video & MVP (daobull.com).

Challenges we ran into

Time pressure along side other work & family commitments.

What's next for Dao Bull

We’re seeking funding to further progress concept.

Testing Notes

Use a desktop device to visit Daobull.com (Mobile coming soon), where you can create your own DAO. Currently we only support Anchor wallet but others will be added soon.

Use the linked video in this submission as an onboarding aid.

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