Children from developing countries lack access to opportunities and education. Funding organizations lack visibility to downstream capital flow. The disconnect between the funding organization and their beneficiaries leads to charity scenario thus the youth are not encouraged to view the bigger picture and partake a proactive and creative process in the global digital space. The Gratitude DAO intends to harness the web3 movement and change it.

What it does

Gratitude is a DAO #Blockathon platform, a fully digital collaborative environment to educate, train and onboard and include youth from low infrastructure regions to the growing global web3 ecosystem. Proposals for public good initiatives, corresponding task management, funds allocation schedule and associated reputation system are all managed using DAOstack Alchemy (TheGraph, React, Alice mobile SDK).

Funds are given to the Gratitude DAO by sponsors so that youth can create value for themselves and their communities while gaining skills in web3 and thus empowering them despite the disadvantaged starting point they have by being situated in a developing country with low level of infrastructure.

Funds allocation is transparent and governed by the Gratitude DAO, reputation on the DAO is dynamically evolving to reflect of the real contribution of various participant and to minimize centralization induced collusion.

How are we building it

Start: DAOstack + AliceSDK + React. Later: The Graph, Kleros

Challenges we ran into

Integration, wallet and key management

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Onboarding new devs, users and parameterization for collusion and sibyl resistance DAO, creating a sustainable economic model over time to achieve the UN SDG of zero poverty.

What have we learned

Cryptopreneurship is an art form, it's a very weird way to combine the tech and social situations. The gap between us privileged Ethereans to youth in challenging conditions is really big.

What's next for the Gratitude DAO #Blockathon

Alpha deployment experiment is planned for June Art #Blockathon and preparation of curriculum for Kurdish refugee camp with Hello Future

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