I needed help with an idea, so I approached one of the mentors for what he thought. He gave me a great solution to write a website about my favorite video game: Rocket League. I'm good at html and css, but I've never incorporated javascript, so this was a challenge for me. He let me go on my own and I got to find out out how to do it through my own learning. I did however need a lot of help on the database because I had zero experience with it. I had a goal in mind to create an app that constantly updated to give it the ability to always be live. This was a challenge but it was done. Users could now vote for their favorite car and see other votes real time. Once I linked everything together and made it look how I wanted, I knew I had just created my first hackathon project. Without the guidance of the Mhacks mentors, it would have been much harder to learn.

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