The inspiration of the game came from the relative unawareness in our local community about "how the other half lives". It is often hard to imagine just how hard life can be when one is in a lower income class and we really take what we have for granted. This game gives users the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of those at a lower income level and understand just how hard it is to accomplish the same tasks across multiple wealth demographics.

What it does

Throughout the game the user has one objective (buy enough food for the day).

This task will get harder and harder as the user levels up (and through leveling up, the user is placed in the shoes of a lower income level family). In the final level, it is almost impossible to win, showing such a clash between the capabilities to do things that the rich and middle class take for granted. It truly allows us to count our blessings and understand the importance of giving.

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

Mapping the walls to a backing arraylist that was used for collision detection.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making an overall game with a theme that makes sense.

What I learned

That it takes people from all backgrounds to accomplish such a feat! I am a web developer, my team mates are strong back end (one), and 2 graphic designers.

What's next for Dante

Implementing this game with more tasks and with a user that has more stats (so the game can be played similarly to the Grand Theft Auto series).

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