Fun dance companion app that tracks your dance moves as you boogie down! You know you can dance, and Dansa can prove it! Turn on some music, turn on dansa, start dancing and earn points! Yes, dansa is PERFECT for your dance workout! Also enjoy the flashy animations that light up the screen as you earn those awesome dansa points. Dansa aims to encourage the practice of dance workouts/exercise for healthier living!

How to Use

  • Adjust your settings
  • Start Dancing
  • Dansa will track your dance moves and score you
  • To pause tap icon on lower left
  • Now, let your friend try it
  • I bet you out-danced and absolutely outs-cored them!


  • The more vigorously you dance, the better your scores are! Flail those arms and legs!
  • Dont cheat ... dansa can tell when you've stopped dancing!
  • If you turn vibration on ... dansa can notify you (via a vibe) when you score a nice point or two .

Final Note

Dansa is magical . But not totally magic. The score you get is based a simple algorithm tracking your hand movement in space. Future versions of Dansa will include improved versions of the dance tracking algorithms . Future updates will also allow you select your dance pace or music pace, and set difficulty.

The Future

  • Integration with live music playing from the device, to track dance movement syncronization with music beat
  • Improved motion tracking algorithm.
  • Settings to modify difficulty and music pace.

Built With

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