Memes have always been here for us in times of great need, sadness and boredom They have become a part of our daily routine. So much in-fact that they are taking over the world! So why not, use Alexa, an every day use virtual assistant to help us feed this addiction even more?

Alexa is given a command with which she gets the top post from user's selected subrredit. She then, sends us a message on our phone. This message contains the "meme of the day", the meme which has been trending the most on reddit for the past 24 hours. Along with this meme, we also prompted to click on a link to a website that we created. The user is able to select the topic of the gifs on this website in order to view to their heart's content.

First, we configured Alexa through online resources. Then, we used Twilio API to set up text messages. We used basic CSS and HTML for building a website. Later, we used Javascript to link our website to the most popular GIFs and memes to the website along with the text message.

Setting up Alexa was the hardest part. It was very confusing to see what we needed to do due to the lack of information available. It took a lot of trial and error to finally even set up one command. Due to this, we were very frustrated for a long time and struggled to see the end of this project. Thus, we are very proud to see what Alexa is able to send us a message onto our phone using Twilio.

This journey has taught us many different things. Aside from personal growth in coding and planning out a project, this experience has taught us how to work together as well as know when to prioritize certain tasks.

So what's next? More learning and more memes!

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