th3r3 wuz a lak of da meemz in da reel worl so w3 wunted 2 gif u all da gift ov da maymays

What it does

wen u get to the dankest of places (Near an estimote), the app will dwnl0ad all teh m3m3s 4 u 2 enj0y it uses the spiciest of da web technologees, liek Nodes nd stuffz 2 mek n apps

w3 yooozed da https 2 protact agenst meme in the middle atteks

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

Databas3s r hard m80 we had lots ov da pruuublems we iz all da st00pid and we runned out of tiem domain ppls r meanie poos and take ages 2 give you ur dank domains

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

How to be the dankest, like no m3m3l0rd 3v3r was

What's next for DankDrop


Built With

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