We travel everyday of our lives, when coming across a awesome route, journey or a cool road. Wouldn't it be nice to share this route with other people so that they can experience the same journey? Our inspiration formed from sharing our cool journeys.

What it does

A android based app using google maps can be used to share journeys amongst people. When travelling on a certain route they can submit their journey through the app so that others can go on the same route. Maybe they saw an amazing wide stretch of road which leads to the end of the rainbow? Or maybe they saw a goose on the way?

How we built it

Using android android with google maps and google roads API. Connected via a MySQL database and PHP backend.

Challenges we ran into

Finding high-res geese images, sleep and geese.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Staying up all night, implementing Google API's, doing everything under pressure and geese.

What we learned

How to develop an app with google roads and maps API, MySQL, PHP and geese.

What's next for Dank Roads

Facebook integration, Birds, ducks and maybe owls?

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