I (Meghan) came to Uncommon Hacks not entirely sure of what I was planning to build with the exception of the fact that people called Uncommon Hacks the "meme" hackathon and I knew that whatever it was that I was going to do had to involve memes. I was expecting to work alone after a teammate canceled last minute to study for midterms. So I sat down at the hackathon and was approached by someone who I met on the way over (Clarisa) and suddenly I had a team member and within a short period of time there were two more (Riya and Mark) and then the idea became solid and the name and concept I had thought about a few days prior "Dank or Dark" stuck.

What it does

Dank or Dark is a web-app that makes API calls to Reddit using JSON and parses the images so that at a click of the button they can be displayed for the user based with categories based on the button that they click denoting one of three categories, the primary two listed in the title and a thoughtful redeemer, "Wholesome" memes below. It is a simple interface with a minimalistic design that puts forward user entertainment without all the clutter and irritation associated with the Reddit interface and userbase.

How we built it

As mentioned above, we used API calls made to Reddit with JSON to parse images on specific subreddits based on the categories which they are displayed in the interface we built in HTML and CSS to compliment the simple interface that we were looking for from the beginning.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us hadn't ever been to a hackathon before and are a combination of Sophomores and Freshmen who for the most part hadn't ever done anything like this or used Javascript and for some of us HTML/CSS either. So it was a huge learning experience for us and we couldn't have imagined getting as far as we did with it. It was a constant process of asking questions and googling and working together to piece all the little bits of what we know to help the others. In terms of the code, we do tend to have a few issues with runtime depending on the object that is parsed from Reddit. In particular, gifs tend to take a bit longer and in few possible cases do not load.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think we learned something in this process, that's really what going to a hackathon is about. That and working together with other people that you haven't met before really teaches a lot about patience and teamwork, and more than anything those are the things that we are all grateful for regardless of whether or not what we built actually works the way we intended it to. Which we are quite lucky that for the most part, it does.

What we learned

We learned a lot and it was more than just programming languages, it was a lot about communication and making sure to help others when they were struggling. It's hard to say that anyone worked on one particular part solely because there were all these questions and inputs that made it come together like it has.

What's next for Dank or Dark

We have some ideas to continue to make improvements to it, primarily some improvements to the parser and runtime required for the objects parsed. There is also a potential expansion to using a multi-Reddit linked to the parser instead of individual subreddits with the intention that a multi-Reddit could easily be edited without editing the code associated with the link.

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