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I've never seen dank meme programming language and I felt that the world was really missing out.

What it does

It's a fully functional programming language, it also comes with full support for arrays, functions, and also plays the airhorn sound effect while compiling. Be sure to check out the syntax on the documentation

How I built it

This is not my first programming language I've written, but it is the first language I've implemented in Javascript. Writing it in Javascript made it extremely easy to handle dynamic typing (which was a huge roadblock for me when I wrote a language in Java)

Challenges I ran into

I would say the biggest challange I faced was trying to airhorn.mp3 to play during compilation (it took an hour). I ended finding a solution and I've never been so proud.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting airhorn.mp3 to play during runtime. It's just so funny.

What I learned

I learned alot about Javascripts silly quirks.

What's next for Dank

My plan is to add an interactive console on the doc so that people can write Dank code and immediately see the output

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