DangerZone consists of two parts: DangerZone and QuickAlert.

DangerZone takes crime data and from both history and the live feed from data.octo.dc.gov, and analyzes it to determine areas with higher risks and dangers. By performing a risk-analysis weighted by recency, DangerZone warns you when you are approaching or within a "danger zone."

However, DangerZone also proposes a solution to these danger zones with QuickAlert - a Pebble app which gives you the power to call the police and the press of a button, or rather, the release of one. Whenever you feel that you are in a dangerous area, just open up QuickAlert on your Pebble, and hold down the button. If the button is ever released, the app will contact the police with your name and location data unless a personal passcode is entered within a few seconds.

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