We wanted to make Cupertino a better place to live by helping fix some of the small issues with the city.

What it does

Our app allows citizens to take pictures and send them to either the city of Cupertino or the police. The recipient will see the photo and the coordinates of where it was taken.

How I built it

Through long sessions of coding, our team worked together to get access to camera and to get the location of the phone. Putting these together, we put together Danger Ranger, an app designed to make Cupertino a safer and better place.

Challenges I ran into

We were unable to send an image directly from our Android app to the receiving website on a laptop.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a functional app. Although the photo is not actually sent, it appears like it is.

What I learned

We learned how to access the camera through the app, send images using sockets, and get location of an application.

What's next for DangerRanger

For some of us, this was our first hackathon. It was a good, new experience and we look forward to going to more in the future.

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