The ocean has always been fascinating to me. I wanted to create a game that was simple enough for anyone to play yet still be challenging. With these things in mind, Danger Dive was born.

What it does

The player takes control of a fish swimming to the bottom of the ocean. They must eat smaller fish to increase their health, and avoid attacks from enemy fish. Collect treasures and see how deep you can go!

How I Built It

Danger Dive was built in about 4 weeks using the programming language swift and spritekit, an Xcode extension which aids in level design.

Challenges I Faced

Starting from scratch and creating an entire game all on my own was daunting. I wasn't sure where to start, and wasn't confident that I could make something impressive. In the end, through hard work and encouragement from others, I was able to create a game I was proud of.

Accomplishments I am proud of

Implementing the gameplay mechanics was difficult, but satisfying to pull off in the end. I also liked how polished and professional the game was once I added artwork and music.

What I learned

Through this project, I became more comfortable with the Swift language. I learned how to implement classes, functions, and variables, as well as how to perform more complicated tasks such as creating an infinitely scrolling world. I also now have a better understanding of spritekit and marketing.

What's next

I plan to add some updates to Danger Dive, including a store from which players can purchase different looks for their fish with in-game currency. Creating Danger Dive has also sparked an interest in creating iOS games, and so I plan on making other games in the future.

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