The desire to create useful solutions that can assist individuals and the society. And the need for a solution that can help in reducing the numbers of harmful situations or occurances.

What it does

The app sends the user's location to already selected contacts with a custom message that tells that the individual is in trouble. So it helps in finding the individual or assisting the individual in those times of crisis.

How I built it

We created an andriod app with java and used kotlin's geolocation api and REST geocoding api for retiving the users longitude and latitude and converting it to a user friendly address that we all use. then we used the nexmo's dispatch api for sending messages through SMS,MMS,Facebook Messenger.

Challenges I ran into

finding a suitable api for geolocation was stressful. and most api's were paid so we had to look for a cheap one.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It has always been my dream to create something that everyone can use. and i have never created an andriod app before. so doing this has been an awesome opportunity for me and my team

What I learned

I learned the importance of using api's .it makes work easier and faster. i also learnt how to use new technologies to create awesome solutions.

What's next for Danger alert

First, One of the improvement we will be adding to the app is offline support to help when the user doesnt have internet. next, we will add other functions to the app to make it a complete security app such as: introducing features that enables users to send information to police stations or officers nearby when they notice suspicious activity. recieving alerts when there is danger in a particular area from the input of other users. giving detailed information to user safety tips tto try in case of a crisis. and many more.

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