The thing that inspired me was my love for game and my dream of starting my own company. When i saw this chance to submit good material i couldn't back down. My target age group is 12-30 Years old. The features im most proud of are how two totally different generes of games are able to intertwine and become something different. The name of my game is DanGan JiGoku which in Japanese means, “Bullet Hell”. The objective of my game is to reach the final Boss at the end of the 100 Waves. For every 10 waves there is a mini boss and at the 100th wave you will face the main Boss. The main Boss will be extremely difficult. Depending on your skill level you might be able to destroy him without going back through other waves previously encountered. The different programs I used to design my game are Photoshop, Game Maker and the IPhone Template.

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