We’d like to share with you something that was inspired by our time at Burning Man last week. We call it – DanceTROMeter! The concept is to enhance your nightlife by transforming the energy you put into dancing into a display of color that connects you to others.

When we go out to the club and dance, it’s always hard to break the ice. Especially when people are shy and don't know how to approach the guy or the lady they like.

Dancetrometer is helping to find common ground. It’s a wearable party gadget, which can be handed out to everyone when they enter a nightclub. It has a necklace full of LED lights and connects to an app on your phone. The phone measures your dance style with help of your accelerometer. And best yet is the social feature, those of you with the same dancing style project the same color and can gravitate to each other.

We could imagine that people like to ping each other for dance-challenges. Additionally for the DJ in the club it's is a good indicator how the crowd likes the current music.

It draws on the power of IBM Bluemix (on the back end), Spark (for LED control) and Sinch (for interpersonal connectivity).

This amazing rhythm-analyzing wearable will visualize and enhance the way you dance, elevate that rush of adrenaline you feel at that amazing moment, and help you connect to that special friend in real life. So you never have to be shy again.

DanceTROMeter – light up your night!

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