DanceAuth, you and me!

Long since are the days of 'passwords' and '2 factor authentication', welcome to a new era, a better era of 'secure' authentication. (with 65% more running men).


Kinect, Zigfu -- an absolute nightmare. We stumbled across a (vaguely) usable library ~ 5 hours into the hack, saving us from embarking on a project with less dabbing.

NodeJS, Express, SocketIO -- used for all of the super cool backend stuff, lots of #spookyspookylogic (according to the comments) for matching against a backlog of previously recorded dance moves.

JS, JQuery, SweetAlert, Animate -- used for our #disco frontend.


We didn't target any sponsors, but I guess that's the same as targeting all of them?


Our dance moves have been described as no less than 'absolute fire' and 'of questionable standards', this was inspiration enough to release them unto the world.

What it does

Recognises your moves and your style, no one can match Goodman's running man... no one.

What it doesn't

Can not improve your awful dancing.

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