The team aspired to build a dance system which would recognize movements and accordingly create lighting and music. This would encourage the user to dance freely, and not have to worry about following a tune or the lighting patterns. This idea was born from the team's wild dancing spirit.

What it does

1) Music: Based on Roll, Yaw, and Pitch, the tunes are adjusted for the user. This allows the users expression in the form of dance to create corresponding music. This tool could also be used by music composers to develop melodies.

2) Lighting: Based on gestures, different lighting patterns (and animations), are developed. This allows the user to change the ambiance and focus to optimize the effect of dance moves.

3) Vibrations: A system with multiple vibrators is controlled based on gestures, which could allow coordination of dance moves. This can be used beyond the domain of dance, in sports, and other domains of coordination.

How we built it

1) Music: Inputs from Myo Armband were passed to garage band (using midi and lua script) to control instruments through software input.

2) Lighting: An LED (RGB) strip was controlled using Arduino. The input to this system was gestures from the Myo Armband. The Arduino was used to create patterns and animations in response to gestures.

3) Vibrations: Vibrators attached to MOSFETS were used to create vibrations whenever gestures were observed from the Arduino.

Challenges we ran into

1) Using Midi to input music to GarageBand 2) Using Myo Armband, which wasn't as stable as expected 3) Finding a solution to Armband's locking systems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) Creating a complete music, dance and lighting systems 2) Achieving coordination 3) Using a homemade power supply

What we learned

1) Lua scripting 2) Using Windows 8 3) Operating animations on LED strip

What's next for Dance_your_tune

1) Visual processing to coordinate dance and make better dance systems

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